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  • Are you struggling following up with prospects?

  • Are you failing to connect personally with long-time contacts?

  • Would you love someone with marketing and sales savvy to reach out and explore new business opportunities?


      Mary Jansen, Your Trusted Marketing Consultant

Mary's passion is helping established authors, speakers, trainers and other small business owners increase their sales and revenue. Dedicated to your success, Mary draws on decades of professional sales and marketing experience.  Her success in former companies depended on her ability to open conversations with qualified prospects, develop a trusted relationship, keep in touch in appropriate intervals, and follow up on the requests of her clients. 

Clients valued her advice, up-to-date information and focus on detail, client-centered approach, and dependable follow through. She is easy to work with and appreciates that trait in others. Mary focuses on helping you become more famous in your chosen field, increase sales, and reduce expenses while working less and making more money.

Here's how Mary @ My Virtual Marketing Center will help you grow your business:

  • Reconnect with past clients - Clients you worked with years ago have languished. They need to hear a voice -- not just your e-zine -- to reach out and see if they're ready to work with you again. 
  • Rekindle connections - You have contacts you haven't had a conversation with in years. Mary will reach out and connect for you suggesting a brief catch-up-call for you to reestablish yourself as a resource to them.
  • Follow up on prospects - If you have a stack of business cards from folks you've met who showed some interest in your services, Mary will call them to see if they have a need for what you offer. 
  • Create a viable contact list - from existing and new contacts. Mary will eliminate the clutter o those contacts who are no longer a potential client. 
  •  Make exploratory calls - with key organizations you've identified. You think they would be a good fit for your services but you haven't made contact. Mary will make the contact and start the conversation then turn it over to you once interest has been expressed. 
  • Get media exposure - You need media coverage for your book or speaking topic. Mary will call media you've identified and talk to editors/producers to set up interviews, feature your articles/ have you as a guest on their show. 
  • Follow up communication - by email or direct mail outlining details of the conversation.  

Contact Mary for a free 30-minute introductory consultation to discuss working together to make your life easier while you focus on the activities that bring you revenue.  


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